Pendeo OP-1 Case + Monolith Update

Hello all,

We are getting busy in the shop assembling Cases and Monoliths. We will be ready to ship them out by the 15th.
Anyone who’s interested in pre-ordering, we’re still offering free shipping until tomorrow (September 7).

We have a good number of pre-orders to send out and we’re really looking forward to getting some feedback!

If you’re interested to see our progress you can follow us on instagram and twitter.

Also we have more projects coming down the pipeline so stay tuned!


Just curious if you guys ever ran your ideations on the old ohpeewon forum. I think op-1 user research/input would have been crucial :slight_smile:

hello ! monolithe is mono?

No, stereo.


Yes we did reach out on the old forum! Had lots of good input.

I remember that @kreeg , And I like both the case and the monolith. The final product looks very similar to the proposed one. I’m curious though, if feedback from the old forum members yielded any changes in the design along the way?

P.S. Good luck with the products. They look great.

Yes, the case is aesthetically beautiful, nice job guys.

I remember an introduction of the final product on the old forum, but no rough sketches (ideations/concept dev). Maybe version 2? Looking forward!

We weren’t aware of the forum that early on in the process. We also had no plan on making more than two for our own personal use or starting a company!

We did consider some of the feedback we got though. We tried really hard to make a midi version of the monolith but we would have had to make the over all thickness of the case much too thick to accommodate the connectors.

We also looked into having a cast or laser cut high-density polyethylene version since some people aren’t really into the wood aesthetic and hoping it would be cheaper but it turned out to be much more expensive to make those large molds.

There are a lot of limitations in making small-run niche products. It’s hard to pay off set-up costs and molds, it’s difficult to even get manufacturers to work with you when you don’t meet their minimums.

We will certainly be looking for more help / feedback with future products!

No, stereo.

No prob. And I broke down and ordered one

@jbl THANKS!

We start shipping Monday :slight_smile:

Woop Wooop

my credit card has been charged :o)
Oh my god I’m looking forward to this…


Thank you! All the pre-orders went out the door yesterday afternoon.


anybody get theirs yet?.. can hardly wait … :o)

It was very cool of TE to give this project a shout in their recent newsletter.

Ha, the Monolith is exactly what I’ve been dreaming about! I’ve designed it in my head already, but I’m glad someone made it. I had a few other requirements in my design. I also wanted MIDI DIN in/out, 4 more encoders which you could programme to send CC messages to the OP1, and all in hospital grey of course. :slight_smile: But the damn thing would be half the size of the OP1 once you stuff all that into it. :slight_smile:

Did anyone get one shipped yet?? Can we see pics? Pics of your wood…en… cases.