Permanently Transpose OP-Z sequence key

My friends and I do silent film soundtracks and I want to start using the OP-Z to cover the bass frequencies. But sometimes I’ve created something that would fit with what my buddies are doing but it’s in a different key. I can see how the master track works by sequencing in a key change or playing it. But how can I permanently transpose. I’ve been through the manual and YouTube but can’t see anything. Worst case scenario I’ll sequence with the master track. Any ideas? Cheers! Scott.

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You can change the octave of a track (shift + plus/minus button), but there is no way to transpose it permanently in semitone.

Many thanks! Good to know there’s not something I’ve missed. Cheers!

Maybe drop a feature request here:

What would the perfect companion app for the OP-Z?

This is something I was hoping the OPZ supported as well.