Photomatic-am i missing something super obvious?

have a bunch of images in a roll, have filter changes sequenced, etc, but can’t switch pictures in the roll…either by using the keyboard like the guide states or by sequencing the changes. it just sits on one pic. what am i doing wrong?

ok, so i found a workaround…bug maybe??

i enabled midi in and clock in and now it works as expected.

The op-z communicates trough midi to the ipad/phone. So midi in is needed i guess, not a bug.


i guess, just not wrapping my head around it . the opz is sequencing the photos, so midi out would make more sense. midi in would imply that an external sequencer is sequencing the opz . anyhoo, it works. thanks.

The photos are in the app so you have to midi in to sequence the photos from op-z. Thats what i’m thinking.

Motion also requires midi In to function - it’s not intuitive why that would be the case, I’m guessing iOS has to send some info back to the op-Z. Noticed this last week when my motion track seemed frozen; someone here pointed his out.

I struggled with Photomatic for many weeks where it seemed to work only random and occationally, because I was changing and experimenting with my midi setup all the time. Found out only a few days ago that midi in needs to be enabled to stopp the freezing. I dont understand why. If the app communicates through midi, should´t be midi out that should be enabled?

Arggghh. So frustrating. Set up a new roll and pictures don’t flip again. Midi in setup like before. Turned off and on, restarted the ipad etc. Nothing.

I have the same issue cant upload new photos. App crashes…
Any solutions???

Did anyone find a solution to this problem? I have the same issue that the photo does not change even though the sequence looks to be working on the OP-Z

Could it be the image size messing things up? The app crashed every time I clicked on the photomatic icon when I was using images (significantly) larger than the example images. Just a thought. Personally I’ve got a roll in but for some reason I can’t rotate the images 90 degrees before putting them in the app. They just remain unrotated as they were in the previous transfer. Caching perhaps?


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And here’s my first result with imported pictures in photomatic. Beware: It’s still buggy! Had no problem to fill a roll until I got to picture number 20/21. The app crashed and I could not add more than 21 photos to the roll. Apart from that, I’m really happy and looking forward to new possibilities :heart:


How do you sequence the filter changes? I can’t seem to get that to work. I can sequence the pictures all right, but the regular OP-Z way of applying changes to steps (i.e. via holding the step button, and adjusting the encoders) doesn’t work for me…