Photomatic and Motion

Hi all, this forum is great.

One of the reasons I got the OP-Z was to look at performing live and Photomatic looks pretty straight forward to add some visuals to the set.

What I really like the look of is Motion. I’m looking for some more info on how to utilise the Motion features to add video to a potential live set. Do you have to know what you’re doing with Unity? Are there other options?

Any steers would be great!

Thanks in advance.

Do you mean like this?
Unfortunatly, there is no so much documentation on unity+op-z

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Thanks for those, I’ll have a look. Yeah, my google searches had yielded very little tutorial like info.

Hi there,
first post here and not sure if there is a better thread but this one seems fitting enough, so here we go -

I just got an op-z and am totally amazed by what a wondermachine it seems to be!

Apart from the audio stuff I am really digging the visual side as well. So far, I had loads of fun preparing rolls in photomatic and am already improvising a video which I hope to be able to record with a hdmi capture card I have yet to buy, but hopefully that‘ll work out.

The only thing that is bothering me a little is that all photos and videos have a small stripe on the left side (probably only one pixel in width) that I did not manage to eliminate yet:

It‘s also visible on the default images that it came preloaded with.
Unfortunately, the stripe remains when hooked to a projector via hdmi (which apart from that is amazing!)

Do you experience the same on your devices as well?

Any Idea how to get rid of it would be much appreciated!

and another one, concerning motion:

I tried to install unity following @cuckoo s appreciated tutorial but somehow the installation failed and there is only a black dialog and seemingly nothing to be done about it.

I am trying to install it on a macbook pro M1 from 2021 running ventura 13.3.1

According to TE, the recommended build is unity 2018.4.29, so I tried that first using the unity installer and then after that also 2018.4.30 like cuckoo in his video but unfortunately both with the same underwhelming result…

Would be grateful for any hint in the right direction as I am eager to try videolab as well :wink:


I have the same issue on my projector and I got rid of it by trying a different resolution/image ratios on the projector‘s settings. I think there is nothing on the app or images side that would fix it.

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thanks 4 the info!
weird still, since it’s meant to be used for visuals - almost as if it’s watermarked…
anyway, guess if it’s projected, an ‘analog’ workaround would be to make sure the screen ends just before the stripe :sweat_smile:

Yeah also when you use the wobbly effect the edges are clearly visible, so cropping on the final output looks better in my opinion.