Photomatic camera


if i tap the camera button ín the op-z app in my phone, the camera wont activate but shows just white and the snap button does nothing. i can not see the flip button either.

shoudl this be working? to be able to take photos on your phone directly to the photomatc app?

please advise! :smiley:

otherwise importing photos and fiddling around with all on op-z and in the app seems to work, just not taking photos.



This has happened to me before - and it seemed to be a bug that went away the next time I used photomatic… Have you tried restarting the app or your phone and seeing if it works?

hei, yes i have been restaring the app a lot but always the same behaviour

Maybe try checking permissions in your phone settings to give it access to the camera, not just photos? That’s all I can think of…


oh man, you made me feel so stupid XD thanks. ofcourse… usually the apps give a notification that they need permission for using the camera so didnt cross my mind.