Photomatic MIDI control

This may be obvious but it just occurred to me now that Photomatic controls on track 16 can be controlled by external MIDI… I was tired of having only the 16 steps for Parameter locks on brightness, contrast, etc but with external control this isn’t longer a limitation. I MIDI CC-mapped outputs from a couple of virtual Befaco Rampage Modules in miRack/VCV rack to the Photomatic MIDI CCs and now enjoy infinite modulation complexity for my visuals, woohoo!


Great to know! Ty for the insight!

Would you mind sharing a miRack patch to try out? :pray:t4:

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Here you go:

You just need to select the op-z as a midi device in the two midi modules. The one on the top left just controls the clock with the op-z play/stop buttons. Btw, If anyone knows how to wire the op-z midi clock bpm to miRack without another host app, let me know…

Rampage outs range from 0 to 10 volts, this will be converted to midi values 0-127, then in the op-z app to 0-100 parameter value… somewhere along this path it gets a bit jaggy and sometimes jumps values. I have yet to try this setup in VCV rack…

@vantablack Did that patch work for you?

btw, the same works for the Light track on MIDI Channel 15, wohoo!

Wow thank you! I’ll try it out and reply