Photomatic rotary dials

The latest photomatic rotary dial additions are fantastic - and we still have 2 pages left for TE to add more :slight_smile:

What features would you like to see for the remaining 8 rotary controls? Wishlist from the top of my head below:

  • stretch horizontally, vertically

  • some sort of glitch amount

  • playback speed of individual clips, incl negative

  • amount of randomisation (compared to programmed steps) for image selection, fx, and parameters

  • control range of available clips (i.e. I want to start out with only the first 3 clips and then move to clips 2-10 for another section of the performance, and so on… one dial for beginning of range and one for end

Looking forward to hear other thoughts!


Would love to have a Photomatic LFO! Made this video with the new Photomatic functions and some gifs

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YES! A whole LFO page would be dope!
Great video! Did you sample directly from a movie or did you do some processing before importing to the op-z app?

Dude, what is the song used on this video? It is WICKED, can you link me to the track?


I was using gif animation and mangled them with the options in Photomatic. The song was created on op-1 and transfered via tape dump to my daw. There I asked a friend to lay down some guitar tracks and I put some vocals. At final stage I used the op-z for vj but I used a daw track to animate Photomotic. I am amazed how easy it worked.

@ Flatland: I will release some tracks on Bandcamp. I let you know! Thanx for feedback!

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