Piano album with beats made solely on a set of linked Op-1F and Op-Z

Hello! I finished making an album of 10 songs for a new project, recorded on an 8 track cassette recorder (Tascam 488) with single piano takes over a beat made with the OP-Z linked to an OP-1 field.

I would like to find a label (not a big label, preferably a small community based indie label) to help with some promotion or playlist placement. If anyone has any tips for this it would be greatly appreciated.
I am working on a second set of 10 tracks right now.

The concept of the music is for it to be in the background, being less repetitive than some more loop based ‘lofi beats’, which sometimes bothers me when I’m trying to focus on a task with some music playing in the background.

For those interested in the nerdy side: (If not you can skip this paragraph (: )
Exploring the way the Op-z and Op-1 can work together was really fun. I created sections of 8 or 16 bars on both and switched between them. The Op-z being the master in tempo and start-stop. Muting different tracks on both machines and using the filters on both every now and then.
The stereo tracks of both units were recorded as one stereo track through the out of the Op-z with the Op1 field coming through the input module of the Op-z through the usb-c cable.
For many songs I used the pitch control knob on the cassette recorder a lot to change the timbre even more.
All songs were mixed on the Tascam 488 to a Teac 2 track 1/4 inch tape recorder. Which was then finally recorded digitally on my laptop.

Thanks for listening, I hope you like it! It’s not for everyone I know, but I really enjoyed creating it!



Great Jasper!

This is beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

You say the piano was recorded in single takes. I guess you programmed the beats first and then jammed over them? When did you arrange the beats e.g. muting or switching patterns? During, before or after you recorded the piano?

Thanks Julio!

He Tamlyn, thank you :slight_smile:

I programmed the beats before recording the piano. The muting and switching patterns and other performance stuff I did while recording the beats to the 8 track cassette. Then recorded a piano take over it.

While recording the mix of beats and piano to a stereo reel to reel tape machine I also sometimes muted the beats all together on some moments where it suited the piano and played with them coming back in or out. And for some songs I played with some reverb on the piano and also panning, again this is while recording the output of the 4 cassette tracks to the reel to reel machine.
Hope this answers your question, appreciate you listening and taking and interest!