Picked up a TT-303

So I have an original TB-303 which I love to pieces. was looking around and got a deal on a TT-303. Sound is good. needs to warm up a bit but hey it is analog. Liked the idea of MIDI so seems like it is all good. Drives from the OP-1 nicely via the OPLab. gonna try a few things tomorrow. I was thinking of driving it from my zillions.

Anyone else have one of these?

I have regularly tossed around the idea of a x0xb0x, and occasionally a TT-303 pops into my head, but nothing ever comes of it.

I also regret not buying a TB-303, 808, and 909 back in the early 2000s when I bought things like the MC-909 and Alpha Juno 2 -_-

I did get a 909 DIY kit which was awesome (TR-9090), but I digress.

yeah. I got a MC-505 back in 96-98 and found a guy in england selling his 303 for 500 pounds. I thought that was steep then. I had Roland clean and run it. today It lives the kings life. I figure the tt-303 can be a more daily use device and when I want “that true sound” I can transpose the patterns.

how’s your zillions?

The Zillion is awesome. I’m still getting to grips with making it a little slower feeling, but it’s not a purchase I regret at all.

I thought you got one weeks ago?

yeah, the site and work and this and that and I am just getting back to it. One this i noticed is the speeds seemed all messed up. I might hit you up with a question or two.

These two play very nicely together.

what serial number Zillion did you end up with?

Yes, I have a TT-303, which I ordered after somebody on MW posted about the price drop.

However, I don’t have a Zillion. I’m still messing around with the TT-303’s own built-in random pattern creation features (Personality algorithms, Mutator, etc.).

@KrisM, I’m in the low double digits… you in the single digits?

@GovernorSilver do you know if you can use external clock on the TT-303 while playing internal patterns?

I like the gen tool on the TT it can give you some good sounds.

@dimi3 I’ll try this soon and let you know. I was unexpectedly offered an Aug. 3 gig (representing the “experimental” contingent at a festival) so I’ve been scrambling for ideas for my set. One of them is to do a bit of looping on Octatrack, then fire off a sequence on it. Might be fun to see how the TT-303 handles MIDI clock from the Octatrack then.

I have 0002 @Dimi3, it’s the very first one sold to anyone, as Future Retro keeps all 0001 for their own collection.

Was just about to add TT-303 to the GAS thread! Congrats homie!

I have the tb-303 and they sound and act the same.

Ok, MIDI clock sync seems to work between the Octatrack and the TT-303. However I found out that MIDI Clock Send is not enabled by default on the Octatrack - I had to enable that first.

Also, if a sequence is already running on the TT-303 before the MIDI cable is connected, it will not automatically adjust its tempo to the Octatrack’s. I had to change tempo on the Octatrack before I could hear the TT-303’s tempo change along with it. I don’t know if this is normal or not because, to be honest, I have very little experience with MIDI clock sync. BTW, once MIDI clock sync is in effect, the Tempo knob on the TT-303 no longer has an effect, which I guess make sense - it might be irritating to accidentally knock your TT-303 out of sync by bumping the knob.

Changing the Octatrack MIDI Auto Channel setting did not make a difference, which I guess should make sense since all we’re worried about is clock, not anything else.

So if I go with this idea, I think I better start with the TT-303 either turned all the way down in volume, or with the sequence not running, then either turn up the volume or hit the Run button after I start the Octatrack sequence.

I think the pattern running and not tempo change from MIDI was my problem. Thanks!

I had a mint condition tb303 someone just flat out gave me because they couldn’t work it. I think I sold it and got the very first iPhone. :slight_smile:

that was a $2700 iphone

lol @dimi3

I’ve got a BassBot too - superb imo. The OS makes it a much friendlier machine than the original imo and it has the sound. £415 brand new so i’m happy to leave the over priced vintage units to the collectors.

totally agree @GrainBastard also like the generative function.