Pitch bend button becomes insensitive

Hi everyone!
Did anyone facing the problem with pitch bend ribbon button? At some moment it becomes so hard to make it work so I’m afraid to bend the unit with my arms earlier than it’ll bend by itself:))

Tried to clean the space between ribbon button and the sensor, didn’t help:(

Yup, same here. Mine works better „down“ than „up“ and I have to press really hard either way.
I have the feeling it’s a bit different each time I use my OP-Z but it’s never really satisfying :confused:

Same here too. One direction is a little hard to use, the other direction is impossible, doesn’t ‘bend’ at all. I don’t really miss it since you can’t record pitch bend signals, and I sequence just about everything.

The only problem for me that now I can’t control note velocity with this button:(

Does anyone has an idea on how to fix it and is possible at all?

I believe petite have said deoxit had worked for them for the buttons, I wouldn’t use a lot.