Pitch bend is not sensitive enough

The pitch bend on my OP-Z is not sensitive enough.

I can only just get it to reach the third led and it really hurts my thumb.

It goes up a bit further but it’s ridiculous.

I think it got worse since it fell off the coffee table about 1 and a half feet onto a carpet.

Could this have damaged it?

Edit: I’ve since managed to get it to move more by pushing further towards the middle of the pad but I have to turn it around to get a better grip but the amount of pressure required is excessive and painful both from the force of the pressure and from my creaky damaged finger joints.

Is there any way to increase the sensitivity? Because as it is the pitch bend feature is not practical.

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I thought nobody ever used that worthless feature…

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I would use it if it didn’t require 300 pounds of pressure to get it to move.

Mine is fine. It is actually really sensitive!!

Maybe they updated the design. Because looking at someone on YouTube use it I could see he needed almost as much pressure as I was needing.

Can you adjust the sensitivity?

Not as far as i know

Couldn’t it be reassigned to another purpose, and if so, what?

It is neat… but I just don’t get why they don’t make it where it can be recorded in the sequence… it would be actually useful.

presure sensor mechanics have a small surface, rubber peace gets soft in time and can’t not transfer sufficient pressure to the sensor.

my pitchband got useless after 3 months of heavy use.

solution would be 3d print pitchband button out of stronger material.

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I’ve always found the pitch bend button to be pretty difficult to use. If your patch isn’t using the LFO, I usually map the gyro to modify the pitch and then you can be much more expressive.


would love to record the internal pitch bend and external aswell, then outputting that control data to control the Analog Keys Joystick…that may be possible by now….CCs…

I’m not sure about that. I tried to fix mine some time ago since it was useless anyway and i didn’t have anyting to lose. I’m pretty sure that the small (semiconductive?) plastic strip unterneath the actual button is the problem. Increasing pressure didn’t help. It seems to have lost more and more conductivity over time and can’t connect the contacts (looking a bit like mini-touch-controls) underneath the strip anymore. A have no idea, what could help with that.

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I suppose the pitch bend rubber contact is simply poorly designed as suspected.

I really do have bad joints - I couldn’t apply enough pressure on a safety lighter with my left thumb after the epic effort I applied in my efforts to utilise it.

There is an app that can affect pitch bend or use the gyroscope.

If it has lost the conductive layer, it may work with a kit to repair computer keyboard contacts, it is a liquid that is applied to the surface that makes contact and restores its conductivity, I have never used it but I know they exist, but I don’t know if it is the same type of contact as in the op-z.

It is very curious, after three years without my op-z, I decided to buy one again after seeing an offer of 25% discount, well, actually I bought two to see which one is in better condition and keep only one, and one of them has the same problem that you mention while the other one works perfectly, it is a little bent but it works very well, no double triggers, the pitch bend buttons work perfectly, so I’ll stick with this one. I would return it, it if it is an option.


I work with my hands for a living so I have decent grip strength, using my pitchbend is like break the device lol. Good to know it’s not just me, and that it’s essentially up to chance, like most of the OP-Z “quirks”

I recently noticed that the pitch bend button on my op-z is completely unresponsive… :worried:

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