New handheld videogame system that Teenage Engineering helped with the design of (it has a crank!)

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Needs a drum machine app or similar! I appreciate the usb c though!

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I’m very excited by this collaboration. Panic makes awesome stuff and seems like a perfect match for Teenage Engineering.

I’m looking forward to the Sega Bass Fishing port. :smiley:

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I’m not even a gamer and I’m not sure I’ve ever coveted anything more. TE is a freakin cult. What have I gotten myself into!

don`t think it comes with any tape though. Cellotape that is, for when the crank breaks off.

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The Playdate has finally reached the preorder phase

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I would love to see this connected to an OP-Z with a game made by TE.

i have been waiting almost for 2 year for this thing to come out. i have never seen graphics done so good on a black an white display. it looks stunning ! but, the biggest problem with it, is that it has to be main stream enough to encourage developers to make apps/games for it. I really REALLY hope it has some kind of creative musical compatibility, otherwise its just a fancy Tetris.

Ars Technica gives it a thumbs up: Playdate preview: You won’t believe how fun this dorky, $179 game system is | Ars Technica

Preorders July 29th!

did/will you buy/preorder a playdate ?

  • yes
  • no

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so far it has nothing to do with music or connecting with TE gear.

The Playdate was released yesterday, this is a nice review:

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