Playing a live gig with the OP-1

I received the OP-1 about two weeks ago and am trying make songs using lot’s of tape controls to create variations. One new track includes the use of an electric guitar, will post the video soon. In my first video I used about 8 seconds of tape for a 4 minute song. I have seen a DJ Thomas White video where he used just the OP-1 for a 30/40 minute set using just the tape features (and a Korg Kaoss pad). I’m looking to make it work in ‘songs’ (pop/indie/rock length) rather than ‘live sets’ (house). Who has played live with the OP-1 as the core, perhaps with a band and could you please share your experiences, or ever better, video’s? Am I too specific?


Hello there!

I have played in the past with the first Op1 in an Experimental Noise project called Hellfiger.

It was a powerful experience. I did a full set that I separated into two tracks for a live album I posted somewhere about 10 years ago. I used an Op1 and a vocal processor for the mic and me. Amazing what you’ll do when you’re THAT limited.

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Wish I was less needy like I used to be, maybe. ( MAYBE )

2k on an op1 F 1.5 is a bit much for the things it just won’t do when gear half the price already does. I mean simple things: no popping or clicking , hiccuping between muted tracks, etc

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