Playing alone

I’m sure I’m not alone in being someone who loves to make music…alone. OH!

but…although it’s incredibly gratifying to go from A to Z in terms of idea to master,
I have always missed having someone to bounce ideas off, and someone who can actually…produce.

I’m sure I’m not alone in having countless abandoned countless looped ideas, drunken acoustic warbled excursions, (last night’s genius phone fragments that take far too little time to delete), drugged induced loops, and whatever else that sometimes comes from living whilst ignoring just how pointless your ‘art’ is.

What’s the mindset now? I’m 47. Come dreaming from a 4-track tascam tape, always wishing, dreaming…obviously, ‘if I just had someone who could produce’ etc bollocks.

the limitations have changed so much from the 90’s but so has the goals, and ive no idea how someone who’s grown up two decades after me now feels, approaches music, how they view it.

getting your songs recorded.
getting a record deal.
making a classic album.

the entire philosophy has changed, for better or worse…mostly better.
Almost everyone can now make their own ‘professional-sounding’ song. Technology affords us to also get in contact with our drug dealer’s faster;)

I just wish someone was beside me to make whatever I do sound better.

Gonna play Can’s Taco Mago now. And dream of being in that room/cinema when they recorded it.

i’m 10 years younger but really like your questions about this topic

part of what got me interested in makin music is the long standing tradition of solo or diy music creation: “radiophonic” pioneers operating in broadcast/academic studios; dub producers and dj’s; and eventually hip hop beatmakers

so i never seriously expected to get my songs recorded by someone else (didn’t see it as necessary and still don’t)

i did, however, hope to get signed bu an indie label somehow as a pathway to releasing vinyl (i can’t afford to produce and distribute alone)

but this didnt totally seem realistic since i’m uninterested in touring or pursuing music fully as a career

making a “classic” album has never been a goal or intention of mine

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Those Lee Perry days when they would make up dub plates everyday to broadcast the weather reports over a PA;)

A great book I’ve just finished that will only confirm just what a shitty place the music Business can be like is called Bodies by Ian Winwood.

Making a brilliant album/collection of songs has always been my Everest. Just for my own satisfaction.

I really don’t know how youngsters view the music world these days as it seems to be an entirely different experience from the one I had in my youth. It’s surely gotta be harder now for kids in bands to sound original, ditto those of us bedroom player’s.

Anyone and everyone can now make whatever they desire with limited funds…a beautiful thing indeed. Ideas can’t be bought though…just recycled:)

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