Playing on iPad

Forgive me if I should already know this, but I’ve been messing with stuff for a fair while now and I can’t figure it out.

Using OP-Z as Bluetooth controller for iPad synth (or connected with cck…same thing seems to happen). I can get the OP-Z to play the iPad synth fine, but it also plays the whatever setting the OP-Z is currently on. I’d like to be able to play synth on iPad without having to turn op-z volume all the way down to avoid hearing two things played at once.

you can use another Midi Channel or press mixer, shift and the corresponding track to mute its internal behavior.

the light track can easily be used as a midi track when switching its mode from lights to trigs with +- , neat feature!!


Ohhhhh didn’t know that, thanks !

Also, this is pretty standard when using an existing synth to control the midi on another device.

Turn the volume all the way down.

I use my OP-Z quite a bit to control midi on my iPad and Mac and other keyboards sometimes for convenience over Bluetooth and direct USB. Enjoy.


This is an excellent tip. Thank you!

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