Playing the Op-1 from a external midi keyboard


Are you able to use midi bridge to set transport/encoder/fader/button assignments with an external controller?

I’ve just got an M-Audio Code 49 (which is amazing so far) and I’d like the option to control the OP1 with it, but I don’t see any sort of “midi learn” option on the OP1 to tweak the setup.


Is there a way, an interface or something that will allow me to control my op-1 using an external midi keyboard without an iphone or midi bridge, or a computer. Just keyboard to op-1? Seems like maybe oplab will allow this, but its a bit pricey.


Hi @mykadamz ,check this thread out.


Thanks Spheric. I was just unsure, since my midi keyboards are also USB, if there still had to be this go-between… According to what I just read… yes… Im probably going to invest in oplab at some point. I know how to control op-1 through Ableton or Reason, its just that part of the charm of using the op-1 is not using the computer at all. I appreciate the guidance and knowledge that is to be found here very much! So thanks again!


Hi, I just picked up an OP-1 and have a question about external MIDI controllers. I have the Keith McMillan QuNexus. It has a mini USB port - do I just plug this straight into the OP-1 for it to work? I’m worried that I may have to go through my laptop? Would much rather just plug straight in without the laptop if possible - anyone have luck getting the QuNexus to work like this?

I also have a non-KM keyboard controller with a USB port - I guess the same question applies for this - can I just plug this straight into the OP-1 to control it?

I would just try all of this if I had the correct cables, but I’m in the process of ordering the needed cables now.



You will need something inbetween i’m afraid:/ there are several options, and there are threads covering this! The easiest, maybe, a USB-hub and a iPhone-iPad with a midi app. Search the forum, 'cus this I am not entirely sure of!


OK thanks!


Hi, I have the same problem that I can only play the op-1 range. did you solve this problem?


The best solution I found so far :

Then connecting the OP1 to the hub and another midi device to this same hub.
Midiflow application should see them. Then you can setup the way one talks to the other.

It’s disappointing from Teenage engineering… I would have preferred to keep lightweight and directly connect things. But hey… Op1 is somehow quite “old-school”, if not disappointing…