Please help me use the OP1 control surface feature

I have ableton live 11 trial (90 days) , im running 243 on the OP1 and ive downloaded the latest python3 script from github and placed it in the right folder ( resources/midi remote scripts) as an op1 folder with no dashes in any of the names.

But my op 1 doesn’t Change the screen when I go into the CTRL page. It stays in the same screen but some of the surface controls work ( switch between views, red box up and down etc)

Is there some thing I can do to get the 4 pages on the OP1, and if not how can I write my own scripts?? I have no experience in coding or programming but I’d love to learn

Thank you :v::v:

EDIT,: the script works with all functions but the op1 screen doesn’t change.

maybe this thread will help?

Thanks! I’m in the same trouble as this post. It doesn’t seem to resolve though… I guess teenage engineering doesn’t make products that are consistent…
Is there anyways I can troubleshoot with the company?