Please recommend antenna!

I owned an OP-1 many years ago, but I was not ready to use it then - I didn’t have the necessary production skills and it got overwhelming so I sold it. I still remember, though, that I had bought the original OP-1 radio antenna accessory with it and that the radio reception was great when using it.

A week ago, I bought a new OP-1 again and this time I truly love it for all the possibilities and creativity it brings in such a conveniently small package! (I may actually write an entire post sharing my love in a not too distant future :wink:)

I wanted an antenna this round too but since the OP-1 accessories are out of production, I bought a third party antenna from Amazon. I got disappointed though, when I tested it only to discover that it does not improve the radio reception at all…

Is there anyone on this forum that can recommend an OP-1 antenna that works and that can be bought in Europe?


Following as I’d also like to know…

I also bought an amazon (made in China) one some years ago, for £1.50 inc. postage. Works a treat. Sadly, after checking just now, it’s no longer stocked. I don’t think there is much magic going on inside these though, and the ones TE sell are pretty much the same (unbranded), albeit ten times more expensive.

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ha yea i was gunna say the same thing
the amazon ones are prolly the exact same as the TE ones.
theres likely no real difference between the two except price

i think the radio reception has more to do with your specific location,
where u are and whats around u

an aux cable acts as an antenna too & would work prolly just as well

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Well, I have tried the antenna again and it actually improves my radio reception a little, but not that much. And yes, moving around in my house, I can tell that my reception varies a lot between rooms.

Still, I think I remember having a lot better reception with my last antenna assisted OP-1. But that was many years ago so I guess external conditions could have changed since then (radio tower configurations, atmospheric conditions, etc).

Thanks for your replies!

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Got a hack for you guys.
Take an 3,5mm to 3,5mm aux cable, attach it to the input of the OP-1 and hold it in the air. Works like an antenna and is waay more cheaper.


Just connect a cable or headphones to the In or Out, and the OP will receive the radio.


Today I received a TRS-cable (1.5 m) for connecting the OP-1 to a small guitar amplifier. And I just tried it in the input jack for sampling - WOW - works sooo much better than the antenna I bought! And since the cable is flexible, it is easy to stretch it in various directions to find the best reception!

I wish I knew this before ordering the antenna - the antenna goes into the bin… :joy:

Thanks for the tip!


Yes, as written in another reply in this thread, I just tried a cable that works very well!


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I‘m happy it worked out :+1:

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Old style radio antennas for home amps are shaped like a T.

You could imitate this T-shaped set up with the TRS cable. Cut the plug off one end of the TRS cable. then split into two cables and hold apart to make a T shape.

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Under $2… Same as official for functionality.

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Thanks to everyone still replying to this thread, but I don’t need any new equipment anymore. The TRS-cable as written earlier does the trick! :smiley:

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Are the accessories really out of production? They’ve actually stopped making all that stuff (antenna, crank, etc.)?

Yes, they are out of production. I contacted TE about this and they replied that due to shortages and production challenges, they are currently unable to confirm when or if the OP-1 accessory kit may return.

Time to list my TE crank handle on eBay for €1,400 :wink: