PO-12, 14 & 16 syncing?

I’ve been SSOO excited about these and they’re finally here! and they’re awesome!!

i just have a quick question about the syncing capabilities of these pocket operators :slight_smile:

seems like you can effortlessly sync between different PO models, but what about syncing with other devices? the manuals say you can use devices such as an “iPhone, Volca, computer or syncnkontrol” as a master device to sync with the PO, or use the PO as a master to sync to external devices. but how would those scenarios work?

Screen Shot 2015-01-23 at 10.27.42 AM

i guess im just not familiar with syncing stuff. i have an OP-1 and i’m interested in syncing at least just the BPM with the one or more PO’s. and possibly including my laptop (ableton live) in there somewhere, maybe :slight_smile:

so basically, is it possible, and if so how would i do it? :slight_smile:

thanks pals !!! :slight_smile:

this thread should explain it. its show the electribe being synced, but the concept is the same. anything that uses that audio pulse syncing which the monotribe/volcas, PO's, etc. use will work..


thaaaanks!! :slight_smile: