PO-12 Any update?

Hi everyone,

just wondering if anyone have heard further news on that tiny drum machine or whatever it was that TE previewed on the Moogfest (PO-12).

I kind of remember someone mentioning a Spring/Summer release date, but that’s maybe wishful thinking.

I also found this article (with some photos I’ve never seem before):


Just wondering

You’re not alone! My budget has eaten a big sh*t lately, so a cheap drum machine would be just the antidote to keep all that GAS at bay. The rhythm wolf can go jump off a cliff, I wantz a PO-12 in my pocketsez!

I’d be really interested to know if it will have a case as standard, or if that will be a ludicrously priced add on. I guess I could cope with that, I kind of fancy making a case out of corrugated cardboard or maybe a small tin or cigar box.

I’ve only ever seen 2015 mentioned, and since TE is in the northern hemisphere I highly doubt they meant Spring/Summer 2014 :wink:

I’m very, very sure if there was news someone would have posted it here.

Yup, think we just got to be patient. It will be here in 2015. Really stoked for this. Hope they release a case for it.