po-12 audio out

Hello all and many thanks for reading. I just purchased a PO-12. I’m syncing it through Ableton Live 10 using Korg SynKontrol. Everything appears to be running fine but the audio out signal is very low. I have the PO audio at max and am running it all through a Focusrite 6i6 interface. Only way I can get a decent volume out of it is by using gain utilities in Live and making duplicate tracks etc with all the volume meters at maximum. Am pretty new to the world of synths so please be gentle :slight_smile:

Are the batteries new ones?

I’m guessing you’re using a TRS (3-conductor) cable (with some manner of 1/8->1/4" adapter). That won’t work, because the PO-12 is putting out a stereo (i.e. mono, duplicated left and right) unbalanced signal, and the 6i6 takes balanced mono inputs.

You’ll need some form of cable/adapter that splits the stereo signal from the PO-12 into two mono signals. (you can just use one of them, but you need to have them split)

Reason: the balanced inputs on the interface expect two inverse copies of the input signal. It subtracts one from the other to retrieve your signal. (this is to help remove any noise that might have gotten picked up along the cable, since that would show up the same on both lines, and will be cancelled when the signals are subtracted)
Your PO-12 is giving the interface the exact same signal on both lines, so when it subtracts the two, you end up with almost nothing. (just whatever tiny imbalance there is between the L/R sides)

<3 my hero. Many thanks for the reply. Something like this?

Got it running. Much relief. Thanks again.

remember you can adjust the volume on every PO pressing BPM+ the 1-16 buttons, on the PO-12 at its highest (16) it gets quite loud!