PO-12 CUCKOO's first demo

Hello hello.

Here it is, the PO-12, in all its pre-production glory.
This is what it sounds like, and this is how it works. It’s fast and fun. :smiley:
PO-12 Sneak Peek - by CUCKOO - YouTube


I’ll take 2
@Cuckoo, bloody marvelous, the preview is much appreciated, will donate

man…this sound is awesome!

especially its not lined in to the computer, just room sound and this sounds super punchy. :wink:


Nice. I know things will change ultimately, but are you able to ‘solo’ multiple sounds at once?

calculator jamz aww jisss. thanks cuckoo! i love the design of the board and the images on it are classic TE.

hah the bpms are hysterical! im in love…

My Octatrack is hungry…

Dear Akai, TE just shit all over your vaunted Rhythm Wolf with a $50 calculator.

Very well done, I want one too! Thanks Cuckoo.

Cool! No NDA? :slight_smile:

Seems to be a trend to not deliver an enclosure. Just ordered the Mixtape Alpha.

@marijn No NDA :slight_smile: But they dropped some hints when I met them that I’ll keep to myself until it’s properly introduced. Gotta have some respect :slight_smile:

I even asked them if I could show it on YouTube. Ha ha. First thing I asked actually, like the little YouTube slut I’ve become :slight_smile:

Mixtape alpha is an old device. It’s alright…


as always, your videos are much appreciated.


So jealous, looks amazing! Great job as always cuckoo!! Can’t wait to get my hands on one.

Cool demo of a cool synth
$50 would be awesome, the same price as the Monotron synths (which are pretty cool too).

Someone noted that the audio was out of phase… My bad. Here it is with audio fixed:


@cuckoo great to see you and TE sending the subliminal message :slight_smile: It really works…you are sincere and convincing…

@masterofstuff124 I did not say it is new. I know it is a re-release of the sept 2013 device. It just occurred to me, more and more device leave the enclosure out. MI Shruthi, Korg Little Bits, et cetera. It is interesting to see the changes in design over time from polished buttons and spaceship interfaces to just the raw internals.

you’d be surprised at how much adding an enclosure adds to the cost of a product. The LXR enclosure, slabs of awkwardly screwed together acrylic that it is, costs 70 EUR.

Thanks for the sneak preview Cuckoo! Really cool little thing eh. I’m gonna look like even more of a nerd sampling that into the op-1 on the train to work now. Can’t wait :slight_smile: