PO-12 dead

i’ve got a blank screen on my PO-12 – in the middle of recording with it of course – and new batteries aren’t fixing it.

when i put the set of new batts in the screen did flash on for about 1 second and then off again and now just blank.

anyone experience this / know of some “reset” or something that might fix this?


Yes, mine does the same when I try to put level above 6.

I still have to use other batteries to see if it fixes this.
I’d be very sad if it was permanent, as it’s my favorite among all the POs :frowning:

Uh ok update: there’s a very lo-fi fix to this – bending the 4 connectors inwards so the battery connections are more solid! It doesn’t seem like a great long-term solution since eventually they will break off but it works for now!

Isn’t this a battery issue?

I just had this problem with my PO-24, placed a different set of batteries and it was fixed

sometimes the battery connections get bent out of place. just bend them into place. they arent going to fail. they were just failing to make contact. good catch!

Mine are over bent towards the center so I dont have to worry about it anymore.

For your information, I tried my PO-12 with some new batteries, not rechargeable these one…

I still have the same problem : up to volume 6 everything is fine, as soon as I switch to 7 the PO-12 kind of reset.
Well, to be precise : I can switch to vol. 7, or even 16, as long as I don’t hit “play”…
About the “reset” : il I switch to volume 6, wait for the PO12 to sleep, then turn it on : I’m still on vol 6. Now it I switch to vol 7 it turn off during a second and come back with default volume 3…

Makes me think… I wonder if this has something to do with the number of tracks playing simultaneously… I should test is with an empty grid and add a beat on step 1 on more and more tracks…

In my case it might be that one of the rechargeable batteries is broken. Last night it was over 90% before it gave the same symptom…