PO-12 humm, volume and sound shaping issues

My PO-12 seems to have various problems.
I get a hum every time i use it. If I remove the batteries to reboot it after a few minutes, the hum goes away.
The audio on the PO-12 lowers considerably when I play a pattern, then button mash a key. The pattern can be simple without much polyphony going on.
I can’t seem to change a shape of a sound before recording it live into the sequencer, like i can with the Arcade. I can only change the shape of a sound once it’s sequenced. Is this correct, or is it because I have a PO-12 with issues?

If your hum is a white noise louder than the sounds of the unit, then its a very uncommon buy reported problem. You should contact TE’s support and report to them directly

I don’t quite understand what you mean by button mash a key

Regarding your last point, the guide of the PO-12 states: hold write while turning knob A or B to write sound parameter changes over time.

The hum isn’t a white noise, just a hum.

The PO-20 manual doesn’t say that you can change the sound shape before you write it in live play mode, but you can.
Can you do this on any other PO? I don’t think that you can right?

Here is a simple way to reproduce the volume issue on the PO-12 thus:

Sync setup of PO(volume):


I simply put a kick on steps 1,5,9,13 and a closed hi-hat off beat on 3,7,11,15 and a open hi-hat on 15.

Now, if i live play the bass tone, the volume of the PO-12 goes down by about 30%. It’s very noticeable, and very annoying.
Is this just me?

I don’t quite understand what you mean by button mash a key

Have you tried headphones on the 12 on its own?
I think there is a limiter on the inputs of these PO 's. maybe lower volumes when daisy chaining?