Po-12 Step Multiplier not working

nope, can’t factory reset on pre-2x PO-1x units.

it’s in the manual, actually

ah yea i see it in the guide. mentions the various firmwares too.

i dunno i’m gunna try it on mine still next time i change the batteries.

i swear i pulled the batteries before and it reverted to the original patterns.

could just be that purple rain tho…
The number on the back is the product model, the serial number is in a sticker on the outside box

The guy from whom I bought my PO-12 sent it to me with the orig. box. The number (which might contain a hint of the firmware used) on the sticker on that box is:


Anybody got an idea if it might be possible to update PO-12 firmware via one of the blank soldering connectors on the back? See this site on which you can see a picture, half way on the page, on which wires are soldered to the back of a Pocket Operator. There are a few more quirks in the PO-12. I might post my personal “How To” that I wrote for myself in a separate topic here. The quirks that I found on mine are:
  1. The step multiplier (flam) indicators next to the icon of the shirt-button don’t work.
  2. On some firmware revisions the step multiplier is not shown when one presses the button combo (= number + BPM/M)
  3. The 16 dashes on the bottom of the display are continously on. They might have been meant to indicate the position of a selected pattern in a song.
  4. The PO-12 crashes if the volume is set high.

^ It is possible to reflash the firmware with the appropriate cable and programmer, but TE has not made it public available.

  1. These dashes are not individually addressable by the LCD.
  2. It may be due to a battery voltage drop. Does it happen even when using the line out?
  1. could also be due to the board flexing when u press down/hold it in certain ways.
    making the batteries disconnect briefly from the contacts

    i’ve had this happen a few times on each of the 3 POs i’ve owned.
    i always try to push the contacts in a lil now when i change the batts.
    hasn’t happened again in awhile.

    was def worse and more repeatable when i was using the lil kick stand and no case.

  1. Concerning the “reboot” of the PO-12 when the volume is set high. Mine does not have the little kick stand anymore. It happens when I push a lot of buttons. Was very irritating in the beginning because the sequence that you’re working on only gets saved when the unit goes into sleep mode after 5 minutes of inactivity. So if your unit reboots before that: work gone!

    Also the topic see “My personal user manual for the PO-12”.