Po-12 Step Multiplier not working

Attempting to use step multiplier, but when following steps:

1. select a sound
2. hold step and press BPM

The only thing that appears on LCD is a button (the 4-hole kind that buttons a shirt). Any key combo I follow doesn’t display re-trig numbers on the LCD. What am I doing wrong? Manual is very sparse on details.

Many thanks

"press and hold any key 1-16 to select step while pressing bpm to insert a re-trig on that step. press bpm mulitple times to switch between 2, 4, 8 or 16 multiplier."

Did you press BPM multiple times while holding 1-16?

Yes, pressed BPM multiple times while holding step button. Each time pressing BPM, a black, 4-hole “button” (the kind to button a shirt) appears on the LCD.

The odd part is that I can hear 2,4,8 retrig on the step. However the number ‘2’, ‘4’ ,‘8’ doesn’t appear on the LCD as it shows within the manual.

Just to be super clear, steps I’m following are:

1. Press and hold 1-16 to select step
2. (while holding step) Press BPM to insert retrig.
3. (while holding step) Press BPM mult times to switch BPM multiplier.

[sorry for the reply on an old topic] This is most probably a bug. I think that the number 2, 4, 8 or 16 should have appeared next to the icon of the shirt-button. These numbers are on the LCD screen but they never show. It was probably not implemented during development of the PO-12.

yep, unused segments on the LCD.

You get more options than 2,4,8 anyway. (iirc, it’s 2,3,4,6,8)
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it should show the multiplier # where the clock is when u press the button combo.

mine displays T-2, T-4, etc…
it should show the multiplier # where the clock is when u press the button combo.

mine displays T-2, T-4, etc...

What button combo do you mean? Mine does not show T-2 etc.

the combo to set the retrig multiplier, step+bpm. see the clock

Wow! There must be different firmwares around. Because nothing shows when I appy retrigger (apart from the shirt-button icon).

hmmm! that is interesting. i’ve had mine for a while so it might be one of the earlier ones.

what does yours say on the back? maybe there is some noticeable difference…

mine says PO-12 TE010AS12A

I bought mine 2nd hand. So no idea if its newer or older. Just to be sure, the step multiplier (I call it “flam”) is activated this way:

  1. Select a sound (i.e. an instrument) w/ “Sound” + number key.
  2. While playing, press and hold a number key to select a step.
  3. Press “BPM/M” to insert a re-trig (flam) on that step.
  4. Press “BPM/M” multiple times to switch between the number of re-trigs.

When I press and hold a number during playback and press “M” for a flam then I do not see “t-4” etc. Only the shirt-buttun icon appears (every time that step is played).

what does yours say on the back? maybe there is some noticeable difference...

mine says PO-12 TE010AS12A

I’ve put a lot of black insulation tape on the back because I was afraid that it might short circuit. Appears that most of the “reboots” were because of the “volume set too high” bug. Underneath the tape ain’t no numbering. And I glued some felt “feet” at the bottom.

yep same as what i’m doing.

doesn’t matter if i’m in record mode or not, or if the seq is playing back or not.

also i get the shirt button when i enter the retrig into the seq i.e. press the button combo. as well as when the step plays back.

Where on the back is the serial number?

[edit] it’s at the bottom. Mine says: PO-12 TE010AS12A (just like yours)

at the bottom. not sure if its a unique serial number or just a model number.

there’s definitely multiple firmwares going around.

They updated the PO-1x series firmware when the PO-2x came out, including a couple features introduced in the PO-2x series.
I dunno exactly the list of new features, but one, for example, is factory reset. Not available on earlier PO-1x units.

i thought u could factory reset on the earlier ones?

is the combo for the power shutdown one of the new features?

The number on the back is the product model, the serial number is in a sticker on the outside box