PO-12 water damage :/

So I got a case for my PO-12 a few months back and obviously some water of some kind has found its way underneath and corroded around the A/B knobs. :frowning: I haven’t used it for a couple of months, here’s what I found when I took the case off. :frowning: Ironically if I hadn’t bought a case to protect it, I’d probably have noticed the water straight away and if not it would have had chance to evaporate naturally. So much for protection.

Anyways, I’ve cleaned it up with contact cleaner/cotton buds and got rid of most of the corrosion, thought it was okay and then I noticed the A and B knobs were glitching. More contact cleaner later and A is fine but B only seems to have about 1/4 of its full range. Also B now seems to affect the position of A, it looks like they share a connection on the PCB so maybe that’s something to do with it.

I’m thinking a) it looks like a short somewhere, maybe I could un/re-solder the knobs and give them a clean, and b) maybe I should just bin it and buy a new one. Can anyone with knowledge of the pin-outs explain this? Are A/B replaceable? I would just get a new one but this was my first PO and has sentimental value, plus I just bought that OP-1 there.

Maybe option C is replace it with a Tonic.

Maybe option C is replace it with a Tonic.

I second this. Since I got the Tonic, I haven’t touched my Rhythm.

I third it! Put my Rhythm down, I’m all into the Tonic now.

Did you spill Tonic on it? hahaha…

I’ll give it another few squirts of contact cleaner but I think it’s dead… :frowning: I think it was probably just rain from my bag, but there’s a fair chance it was beer. Not tonic. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the advice to jump ship to the HMS Tonic :slight_smile: Maybe water damage can be serendipitous. Not sure yet if I need a Tonic, gonna see how I go with the OP-1 for a few weeks.

A cocktail was spilled on my Robot, it is quite broken now. It’s hanging on my wall now.

The Tonic I’m sure is amazing and I will get one eventually. I love my Rhythm also and would replace it if anything happened to it.

A cocktail was spilled on my Robot...

I’m sorry for your loss… :cry:

I’ve contacted TE to ask for a refund on the case. Seems ironic that I’d still have a PO if I hadn’t bought a case to protect it, because the water would have just evaporated. Pretty sure it was just rain from being in my bag, it’s been rained on a lot in my bag in the past with no problems at all.

At least that’d be half the cost of a new PO covered…

They offered me “a small discount” on a new PO to replace the one their case destroyed, no return on the case. Thanks no thanks, I’ll probably get a Volca instead on principle.