PO-12 XXL for sale

Hey there guys, I’m on my quest to find the very first owner my PO-12 XXL.
But what the hell is that?

Basically it’s a pocket operator 12 (rythm) with extended arcade button interface and now capable of receiving trigger inputs (in eurorack format).

I’m leaving here a link of a demo video:

Pictures and ebay offer:

And some extra info:

PO-12 XXL looking for its very first owner.

What can it do?

Everything that a basic pocket operator and now the buttons can be triggered and the pots can be modulated.

The original pots do nothing and the new, bigger ones work as attenuators - you can set how much modulation want by increasing to clockwards.

The FX button now can be held/toggled with the switch.

Comes with and adapter (you can use it with anything that’s center + and equals/over 3V - power gets regulated to 3V).

Led #4 is missing and the jack in the upper right corner is only for aesthetics - does nothing.

Buy it now price is 300 euros - shipping excluded.
Shipping price depends on location.

Also if you want to build it yourself I can share some simplified schematics.

Let me know what you think.