PO-14 Sub Micro Drum Question


I’m probably missing something really obvious but I can’t get my head around this.

How do I select which drum sound is added to the sequence in write mode?

If I press play, hold write, and then tap the buttons I add whichever sounds I press in real time.

However, if i just tap write… I can then tap the steps I want to add a drum sound to. I can’t figure out how to select which drum sound I am placing!

On the PO arcade for instance, I just press SOUND+NUM to select the sound. That sound is then placed in the sequencer. However, of course here SOUND+16 selects the entire kit… so how do I choose the specific sound I want?


Scratch that, I was writing an answer for the OP-Z… Full post edit incoming!

Yeah, the PO-14 doesn’t let you select drums to be placed ahead of time. You have to push-and-hold the step and change the played sound with knob A to what you want it to be, after it’s placed.

Either that, or you can record drums in real time - with that, whatever you play will be placed at the step you’ve played it.

It’s actually the same for the pitch of the bass sounds, too, by the way. Later PO models have improved on that, and will place the last sound you played from within the drum kit in the step when you step sequence them.

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Ah cool, thanks for that. I thought I was just being dense!