PO-16 Factory Swing ?

On the PO-16 manual, “swing” is barely mentioned.

And when i press bpm+turning A, nothing seem to happen about the swing… in write mode or not.

I there something i don’t understand…?
Maybe no swing on this PO ?

Thanks very much for your lights :slight_smile:

AFAIK there’s no swing.

AFAIK there's no swing.

All right… that’s too bad.

BUT : it’s mentioned there, on the packaging.

I get no swing by pressing BPM button and turning A knob on either PO-16 Factory or PO-14 Sub. What gives??

Swing is not implemented in the PO-14 and 16. I think the appearance on the packaging has accidentally leaked from the PO-12.

I can test when I get home but I am pretty sure they don’t have swing. Get the Tonic for that.

Not very convenient, but you can fake swing by using the sync-out from a PO-12 or the Korg SyncKontrol app for iPhone/iPad.

I don’t see how the sync-out from a PO-12 would convey swing. PO sync triggers a clock every two steps starting at 1, and swing effects only the steps between those. In my test the sync channel remains straight and unchanged no matter how much swing I dial in.

^ I second that.

Ahh, darn. And if the input sync also uses 2-steps then I imagine SyncKontrol won’t work either.