PO-16 Keytar Hack

Congratulations to 'etwyford' for winning the Pocket Operator DIY competiton with his BB-1 aluminium case. Here is my entry again - the PO-16 keytar made of a Xbox Rockband Wireless Keyboard and the Factory Synth.

It was a pretty straight forward job. After seeing the cool PO-12 hack with the green arcade buttons I decided to solder the white C Major key contacts of the Xbox keyboard to the corresponding buttons of the PO-16. One note is missing because of the limited two octave range of the Rockband keyboard.

More pictures and a video on my site - http://www.multitouchberlin.de/






You kept the idea of a portable device but extended the playability, very cool project. It is for sure easier to play but Is it still easy to program (i.e steps)?

Your project was one of my fav BTW :wink:

Cheers Eti ! The programming is more or less the same, but I prefer to play it live. I didn’t connect all PO-16 buttons ( play styles, effects, play, write etc. ) , but the Xbox keyboard has 10 extra buttons that could be used for that.