PO-20 less output power than PO-12

Hi guys,

I have been owning my beloved PO-12 for over a year now and I enjoy it a lot.

I recently purchased the new PO-20 and while my PO-12 is blowing my eardrums away at max volume with my headphones, the PO-20 seems not to be that powerful anymore.

Could someone please confirm this being normal?
Did TE tune down the max output gain?

Batteries and headphone are the same.


hi Drtek,
same for me here, the output volume on the PO-12 is bigger than on the PO-20… so i we are at least two, we can consider that as normal :wink:

Same here. Maybe they changed it for better battery life or something.

Yep! My 20 is much quieter than my 12.

Thanks guys, I really appreciate your quick answers.

All the new PO’s have less volume than the old ones.

Doesn’t that upset the chain link feature when mixing the sound of multiple POs from both 1X and 2X series?

Doesn't that upset the chain link feature when mixing the sound of multiple POs from both 1X and 2X series?

I remember reading somewhere (or perhaps watching a video?) where someone synced all six units in a chain and put volume 10 on every unit exept the sub (or was it the factory?) that should be set to volume 7.

i tried to do as described and it seemed to work alright with the volume of all six pretty equal.

Found it:


Thanks for sharing that!

The fact is that each of those POs except the first is ressampling the previous and adding one more compression stage. Although it works, there is probably a lot of noise and signal degradation going on.

Here is the official TE reply:

Hello drtek,

Thank you for your email and for your support! This is normal, you will have to find your optimal volume setting when using them together. The original units distorts when using loudest volumes so we lowered the output to get a cleaner signal. Here is a user video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yr1DKuUhvEothat someone made.


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