PO-20 No sound from internal speakers

Hi everyone,

Was having great fun with this little beast for a few days using the built in speakers. Last week, I plugged the top right output into some speakers in my friend’s studio. Everything was working fine.

But today, the first time I’ve used it since, the internal speakers are not working. No sound whatsoever unless I plug in speakers, then it works fine.

Any help would be greatly appreciated! Is my unit malfunctioning, or is there some noob setting that I’ve overlooked?

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Have you tried holding the bpm/m button and pressing button 16?


I’ve had the same problem with the sub. A few weeks later it worked normal again. I belive it wasn’t the speaker that malfunctioned but the output jack

Hi folks, thanks for your help.

I tried the bpm combination already, it doesn’t seem to affect the volume.

It’s disappointing but reassuring to hear it could be a hardware fault with the jack!

I had the same problem with a PO-16.
on the back in the middle there is a loudspeaker symbol and a ’ + ’ above and a ’ - ’ below. I short-circuited these two points and then it worked again.
don’t ask me why, or why I did this. I am even very unsure if it was helpful at all.
I hope someone will reply if it works or not.

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short circuiting it totally works → much obliged!

I have the same problem with my PO-12.

Can I have some more details on the short circuit procedure?

When do I have to do it, in which state has my PO to be? Whilst playing and having something plugged in the jack? How long do I have to short circuit it? How did you do it? Permanently?

Thanks a lot for yor help in advance!

Found another solution which did work for my PO-12.

I did spray a little bit contact cleaner into the jack and cleaned it with a little brush. Waitet a night, did a factory reset and it worked again!

Cheers! Keep having fun!

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Hello! I had the same problem with the same device. I tried the 2 options commented in this thread, but it didn’t work.
In my case, the problem is INSIDE the female jack. When the male plug is connected, a contact is moved which disables the on-board speaker. For some reason (dirt surely) that contact is “stuck” and when disconnecting the male plug, the on-board speaker does not re-activate.
To fix it momentarily, I used isopropyl alcohol and a thin brush to clean it inside, a couple of puffs, and it started playing through the onboard speaker.
But as the alcohol dried up, it failed again. So I am evaluating the possibility of DISASSEMBLING that connector and cleaning it thoroughly.
I hope I have helped. Greetings.


You can’t really disassemble it. But it’s super easy to desolder it and solder on a new one. If you go to your local electronics supply shop, look for headphone jacks.

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You’re right, the safest thing is to replace the entire jack.

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