PO-20 no sound from internal speakers

(Apologies for cross-posting, I thought this might be the correct forum)

Hi everyone,

Was having great fun with this little beast for a few days using the built in speakers. Last week, I plugged the top right output into some speakers in my friend’s studio. Everything was working fine.

But today, the first time I’ve used it since, the internal speakers are not working. No sound whatsoever unless I plug in speakers, then it works fine.

Any help would be greatly appreciated! Is my unit malfunctioning, or is there some noob setting that I’ve overlooked?

All the best,

Hey there,

did you find a solution? I am asking because I ve the very same problem. The internal speakers of the PO 20 don’t work and I ve no idea why or whether I can fix it myself.

thanks and have a good day

Hold bpm/m button and press 16.

Sorry - I had to ask.


Thanks for the fast reply, though the volume is not the problem … even with 16 it’s silent. Maybe it is a problem with the headphone jack, what I mean, maybe the PO 20 doesn’t realize that no headphones are attached… but no idea how to fix this.

btw.: sound works perfectly with headphones, it just doesn’t without


I got the same problem on my PO-20

Here I have the same problem with my PO-12. No more sound from the internal speaker after deplugging the headphone. But still sound via the jack.

Did anyone came up with an solution?