PO-20 Reference sheet


I made this reference sheet for the PO-20 a while ago. It has helped med quite a lot.
Thought I might share it with you!
Some of the references have been made by me trying out the functions, there should not, but might be, some errors.


Outline color = If the patch is edited with note or digital meter
Background color = If the patch is following the chord progression
Row 1 = Patch
Row 2 = Chord
Row 3 = Whether the patch is included in FX1-4

I also included a link to the original(publisher) file if someone wants to correct something or maybe add a page 2...

Since I'm not a frequent poster I thought I´ll take the opportunity to share one of my tunes with you.
Done on the OP-1 but it got some po20&28 in there as well.

Happy New year