PO-24 Battery issue

Anybody else have the batteries in their Office randomly explode?

It was in the original packaging and placed inside a cardboard box. Just blew up one night!

The batteries might be the culprit. Was it locked inside a drawer without air?

Were the batteries new? cheap?

New (at the time of installation) duracell batteries. It was sitting in an open cardboard box that was sitting out in the open. I heard it happen…took me a couple minutes to work out where the sound was coming from!

Darn it.

Are there pictures? It is really important to find out what caused this, so it never happens again. Ain’t it?

My PO collection has not been used for months, all are still working, no signs of battery leakage.

I’m sure @quixot had bad luck with a faulty battery.

It is very rare for an alkaline battery to explode. Could those be counterfeit batteries?

+1 on pictures.