PO-24 low output level


I am new to this community, yesterday I received my new PO-12 and PO-24. The output level on the PO-12 is really high, in fact the PO-12 did restart a couple of times when max volume (16) (May be some sort of protection)

However the output level of the PO-24 is very low in comparison; I would say it has half the power. The PO-12 at volume setting 7 is like the PO-24 at volume setting 16 (max)

May I have a defective unit or is this the normal behaviour?


For me it’s the same. I ve the PO 20, 24 and 28 … and the PO 24 is like half the volume of the other two. No idea whether it is supposed to be like this, but I know what you are talking about.

have a good evening.

Hi, I have PO 14, 24, 28. PO 28 Robot has half of the volume compared to Arcade and Sub. Should I return it back?

Some of the sounds of my PO-28 Robot also makes clicks on the beginnings and noise at the ends. It’s easy to here on the sound 4 and 12 in solo mode. Is it normal?

@Boraboras Can you post an audio recording?

Yeah, my PO-24 is pretty low in volume too.

I have to compare them all when I get back home, but annoying,

So here is the response from TE

teenage engineering replied:


Thanks for your email. The output is lower on all of the 20-series of pocket operators.

We made this on purpose since the 10-series had distortion from volume BPM+13 and upwards.

So please try and put the PO-16 and PO-32 on volume 12. BPM+12 and PO-24 on BPM+16 I hope this will work better.

haha yeah, PO10 series are really loud~~
play it loud O(∩_∩)O

I found a YT video a few months back showing a way to hook them up together to mitigate the volume differences. Here’s a wallpaper I made that shows all of them hooked up with sync and volume settings. If you’re only using a few of them, try the same order and volume but minus the other ones: http://imgur.com/TTRYeOk

Thanks for all the answers!