PO-28 Drum sequencer question


I received my PO-28 as a very pleasant Christmas present and have had a blast with this little wonder (I’m new to anything like this) . I’ve made a lot of head way with it but can’t seem to figure out the drum sequencer with multiple sounds. Once in the sequencer only the bass drum ( key 1) sound will play, want to be able to add snare and what not to the sequence instead of live record. Hope I explained this all right. Any help would be appreciated, Thanks in advance.

I got it, thanks to the tips and tricks thread. Lots of reading but a wealth of knowledge.

In case someone else comes across this. While in write mode. Hold the step and turn the left knob to change. Also works with the synth as well. Thanks to all that contributed on that thread.

kudos for doing some sleuthing on your own man! glad u got it sorted.