PO-28 Live Play vs Sequencer

Hi Folks,

I’ve been a long time user of POs and only just got round to trying to sequence in songs on the PO-28 Robot. My problem is that I have a melody that sounds great when played live but once it’s been placed into the sequencer it sounds off. I have made sure it’s the same sound as when playing live but I cannot yet it to match - the sequenced melody is more of a ‘squeal’ sound and is almost muted. Is this just a limitation of the Robot?


i’ve run into this before. u may have selected the same sound but the settings might be different.
don’t forget to check the vibrato settings too. u can def get them to match.

I have twiddled with knobs A and B to change the parameters and it is almost similar but still doesn’t give me the ‘live’ sound which is far crisper and less squeal-sounding. I have also fiddled with “sound + knob A” to change the volume of the sequence track but that also doesn’t solve this issue.

I guess it doesn’t help that the PO-128 (which is an updated version of the PO-28) doesn’t suffer from this issue, which is why I’m thinking it’s just a limitation of the older PO-28.

i have a PO28 and i can def get the two sounds to match up with some tweaking.
did u mess w/ the vibrato settings too? those always trip me up

maybe it recorded the lower octave sound into the seq? but played the higher octave one live?

Yes! Managed to get it sorted. Seems like the vibrato parameters weren’t taking properly. It’s a PO I’ve yet to explore in great detail so hopefully I will become more familiar with the quirks. Cheers.

Another PO-28 struggler here - can you share what parameters I should check so they match?