PO 28 Robot: which tones/scale can I play? Performance experiences?

Hey peeps, thinking of getting the Robot to play leads, did not find detailed information which scale I can play with it. Does it have half tones? Is there a sheet for it like for the chords for PO20? Can I choose octaves and how low and high does it get? What’s live performance experiences u had with it, eg improvising along to someone else?

I belive that it is in “a minor” plus a sharp g (a,b,c,d,e,f,g and g sharp) At least that is what the display says. But i never compared it to a full keyboard and i have no idea what scales you can play with this notes. I’m not so good at music theory. The 16 keys are 2 octaves with the 8 notes. You can switch the octave really fast. Just hit the sound key and it will switch to high or low octave. For live play there are 3 octaves but i belive there are more if you record it. I still don’t really get it with the high and low sounds.