PO-32 and other gear

I bought PO-32 tonic and it works very well until i try to connect and sync po32 with my other gear (korg monologue, bastl kastle).

For example, I connected kastle with po32, set sync to SY4. They both plays synced, but tonic audio signal is very low. There is a movie: http://b3st.pl/po32_kastl.mov

I checked similiar configurations on YouTube, ( https://youtu.be/gVuv3Kam0SQ ) and there po32 volume is louder and both devices plays the same level.

And I had similiar problems with Korg Monologue, I have to set monologue volume to 25% to play it with po32 at same level.

Maybe my po32 is somehow broken? Should I returned it?

from the comments on the Tiny Friends video:

David McChesney
Great stuff! Is the Kastle sending clock from the stepper? Also, are you stepping the volume down between the Kastle and the Sub?

Aidan Burns-Fulkerson
Thanks! Yeh, you got it! The Kastle is sending the square voltage to the PO. I have a little headphone attenuator in line because the Kastle is pretty loud.

The first series of PO, Rhythm, Sub and Factory are way louder than the rest of the POs

That is completely normal