PO-32 at the beach. Loudness warning ; Nozaihaus

Fooling around with the PO-32 at the beach. Don’t mind my convulsions and blow out kick.


One from the hammock :slight_smile:

Nicely done @Nozaihaus !
You are giving me pure GAS.
Did you use stock sounds or design/load them with the MuTonic software? Sounding nice.

I’ll have to double check but I think the first vid was stock sounds and the hammock vid was def one of cuckoo’s presets. Honestly it’s a great little drum machine that sounds huge!

Thanks fella.You’re makin a nice type of techno with that.

Thanks dude. There is a guy named Pierre Labret who has been making some good stuff with the po-33 and he has a couple free presets available on Bandcamp for download. Hopefully gonna get to fool around with those soon.
Edit: here is a demo of his 808 type pack. You have to go to his Bandcamp to download them though.
Listen to ABSTRACT REALITY PO-32 TONIC 808 DRUM PRESET by Pierre Labret FREE DOWNLOAD (link in description) by Abstract Reality #np on #SoundCloud