PO-32 Sound transfer from Microtonic (9-16?)


I just got my hands on the PO-32 and I’m not really sure how the Microtonic VST works when transfering sounds, I’m able to edit the first 8 sounds and send them, but is it possible to transfer to slot no# 9-16, or are you supposed to make a new kit, and manually transfer the remaining sounds?

On the Microtonic VST, when you click the TE logo and go to the “sounds+pattern” tab, there is a dropdown next to “transfer sounds to” and it has 1-8 and 9-16.

Thanks for the help!

But I see the first 8 sounds in the VST, not the remaining 9 to 16, how does one access the other sounds and change them before you send it? :slight_smile:

@jimboeh, there are just 8 sounds to create in microtonic Vst at the time. You need to create a new preset with 8 other sounds in the microtonic vst, to send them to 9-16.

1 PO 32 Kit consists 2 Microtonic Kits.

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Also, using the ‘program’ function in Microtonic, you can have multiple kits in 1 Microtonic save file, simply load up to 16 kits into the 16 program slots and then export as a ‘.fxb’ file. This stores the entire Microtonic software state AND includes all morphs for each kit!

You still have to specify the slots for PO32 transfer but I find it much more convenient than saving 2 separate Microtonic kits for each full PO32 kit.