PO-32 vs PO-12

So, I’m considering picking up a PO-32 but was wondering if anyone that already has one could chime in.

As it’s a little bit pricier than the older ones, I was thinking of selling my PO-12 to fund it. Does the PO-12 have any functionality that the PO-32 doesn’t have, or am I right in thinking that the PO-32 can do pretty much everything the PO-12 can do and then some?

Also, I know it’s speculative but… I’m also pretty much decided on getting an OP-Z whenever it’s out. Do we know if it’s basically going to make the PO’s obsolete?


There’s already a discussion here - PO 12 or PO 32.

If I had to go with one, I’d go with the PO-32. It’s become my go-to ‘need a quick drum machine’ box. The PO-12’s default sound kit has a little more variety of sounds, while the PO-32 has like 3 different kind of kicks and a synth bass note down the left column. And the PO-32’s four columns represent four ‘choke groups’, so you can’t layer those kicks. But this opens up some interesting performance opportunities as you can get some fun muting by holding down a button and muting everything in its column.

The FX are better on the PO-32 (although I love the PO-12’s effect 1 or 2… the lo-fi grungy mode…), and there’s a separation between recording the FX to the pattern and playing them momentarily. (I believe the PO-12 always writes the effects… but it’s been a while since I’ve played it and I know that the different operators treat some of their effects differently).