PO-33 Ambient beats

Hello everyone,

My name is Sylvain and I would like to share with you some ambient beats I’ve created with my PO-33 and samples from old cassette tapes.

Hope you will enjoy it!


Coolissimo. Love it. That bit crushed vibe with these greasy beats…killer vibe! Bravo!

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Thank you :+1:

I love pitching down cassette tape samples inside the PO-33 after recording at the highest speed it’s add that vibe, pretty raw!

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Excellent vibe here… how did you get that 1st droney / hit sound? I love the high end of that sound a lot.


Thank you!
That first sound is a sample from a cassette tape.
I used the highpass filter of the PO-33 with lots of resonance to get that sound.