PO 33 - Any way to see which slice is playing from a drum kit slot?

Suppose I have a drum kit on slot 11, and I’ve sequenced a bit of slice 5, a bit of slice 10, and a bit of slice 14 from within that kit, I can see slot 11 light up whenever one of the slices is trigged, but there’s no way to see which slice is being trigged.

Is this correct? Or is there a workaround or something I’m missing?

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You can only see the pattern when in Edit mode.

For example:

  1. Start in Prf mode (make sure kit in slot 11 is also selected)
  2. Press 5 to preview the slice
  3. Press the Write button to get to Edit mode
  4. Brighter LED shows the steps where slice 5 is triggered
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Thanks you

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Hi here is a link to a guide with some hidden features for the PO-33 it helped me a lot with understanding some of the things that are possible.

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