PO-33 in 6/8 time - hacked

Have I tricked the robot, or jumped the shark? I’ve figured out how to reliably get my PO-33 to play in 6/8 time, using the master track of the OP-Z.
I’ll be using this for a collaboration with a choir, which requires six PO-33s to provide backing ambiance in 6/8 time.
It’s a little clunky, but it works.


On my PO-33, after factory reset, pattern no.9 plays in 3/4, skipping steps 4,8,12,16, regardless of they are assigned or not. Wondering how it works. Of course its no problem copying and editing, this signature remains intact.

this is totally just a guess
but i think its the 6/8 quantize FX being active for the entire pattern
that creates this

Surprize leds on steps 4,8,12,16 even do not light on at all. Holding fx and applying fx16 makes no effect ). Could anybody check his her po-33 pattern nine please? Meaning factory settings of course

Update: actually holding fx16 removes this effect, holding fx13 applies it. So you receive a standard waltz rhythm on a single pattern.

Alternatively, you can manually split three patterns (48 steps) into either four bars of 12 steps or two bars of 24 steps. It’s a bit clunky, but leaves effects available for other uses.

I used that for a shuffle beat in this custom kit: PO-32 "Acoustic-ish Dynamics" custom patch kit - YouTube