PO-33 K.O! and PO-35 Speak Sound and Pattern Sharing

Thought it would be good to have a similar thread to the PO-32 Tonic Sound and Pattern Sharing one. It made sense to me to group the K.O! and Speak together as the backup/sharing function is similar (the only difference being that you can use Microtonic for the drum channel in the PO-35 Speak). Of course, unlike the PO-32 Tonic, backups have to be done via the line out and similarly the line in has to be used to receive the data dump (with the PO-35 you can transfer sounds from Microtonic to the unit using the mic on the unit as well). Files posted for download need to be at least 16bit 44.1khz quality (recorded in stereo using a stereo cable from the line out). I think it’ll be a great way to share what we’re all doing with the sampling power of these POs.

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