PO 33 KO for live looping?

Is possible to use PO 33 KO as (multi) looper? For example with Korg Volca Keys, that I can record something, looped it and play another melody into it? I think basic live looping is good words for that. My goal is to don’t use computer software for looping and layering.

No, it doesn’t quite work that way. You need to stop the sequencer (and all sounds) in order to record, and it’s not possible to overdub.

There are a lot of affordable loop pedal options out there, this Mooer one looks good for something very small.

Thank you for answer. I understand.
Hypothetically, if stop and record is not problem for me,can I record few “music layers” and play them separatelly or together?
Or I can ask another way. I want to play with my Korg Volca instruments + another. I want to record for example bass melody on Volca Keys, looped it and play on the same instrument. It is not for public performance only for creating at home or studio without PC/Mac. I dont want overdub but record few separately layers whose I can separately muted, played etc. Another advantage is that PO can be synchronized with Volca and still I can use it like basic sampler. Can I use PO 33 for it? Or what can you recommend me? Or still best way is Ableton with launchpad?
Thank you very much for answer

You can have four sounds playing at once. It shouldn’t be a problem to record them into the PO-33 and play them back in time (somewhat), but if that’s all you want the device for, you’re probably better off using something else that is tailored to what you want. The PO-33 is really designed more for one-shot samples and doesn’t have many features that make it good to use with loops.

As for what else there is, maybe someone else can suggest something, as I don’t have much experience with samplers, apart from the Octatrack, which would do all you want and much more, but it’s probably a bit overkill :smiley:

Thank you