PO-33 & PO-35 cheaper

This might be interesting for the german people in this forum. I orderd the new Pocket Operators via the onlineshop www.dj-technik.de. They are listed at 89 € and you can become a discount, if you pay via banktransfer and enter the discountcode GOOGLE2018.

In the end I ordered both for 162 € instead of 198 €.


thanks for the hint, but where can you enter the discount code? can’t find it when checking out…

@klausklaerwerk, sorry, i forgot to mention that the GOOGLE2018 Discount Code only works at orders over 120€. So it makes sense when ordering both pocket operators. And the option to enter the code is in the last part of the checkout at point 5.


@flom Just wanted to mention that, in English,‘bekommen’ = ‘receive’.